Panoramic – Wall 20A

PANORAMIC™ isn’t just a graphic system…it is the graphic. It is the design. Design that surpasses all visual frame restrictions. Designs that utilize the entire display as a complete canvas. Graphics that completely cover the entire structure with your message. Think about the possibilities. One large graphic…a beautiful blank canvas just waiting for your creativity to explode without limits. The revolutionary full graphic system that puts the power of exhibit design, start to finish, in your hands.


Our Exhibit Component collection was developed by seasoned exhibit space designers. The collection reflects universal solutions that would work well alone or with existing exhibit spaces. Save time in the design phase and select an existing Exhibit Component backwall to create a complete inline display. Need a space definer at your next exhibit? Add one of these wall solutions. Since Panoramic only shows graphics, your artwork will carry the look and feel of any exhibit! With Panoramic, the entire display is covered with graphic so your image will be on both sides of the wall.

Kit Itemization

  • 235.75″w x 14″d x 95″h Wall with graphic

Additional information

Weight 194 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 236 × 95 in


Product Guide